Air Travel With A Metal Detector

Day-to-day life can be very repetitive. If you have a full-time job, you probably spend most of your time in the office. Having only your career and your home life to spend your time on is a recipe for boredom. This is the reason why hobbies are important.

Not all hobbies are created equal. Some are only great for passing the time. Others are an excellent means to keep a person’s sense of innovation and creativity. This statement is very true for people who enjoy metal detecting.

Metal detecting is a fun and exciting hobby. It gives you a glimpse of the past. You discover and learn a lot of interesting tidbits while having the opportunity to turn a profit. This hobby can also take you to places you have never dreamed of seeing.

If you have been dabbling in metal detecting for awhile, the next logical step is to explore a completely different area with your metal detector. Choosing to go overseas might take a little bit more planning than a local area within your state.

Below is a quick and easy guide on air travel with a metal detector.

Before Your Flight

Research About the Baggage Guidelines of the Airline You Chose to Fly With

While the popularity of metal detecting as a hobby has urged airlines to be less strict about their baggage rules, it is still smart to research before your flight. You do not want to have to go home from the airport or buy another ticket because your airline doesn’t allow metal detectors. Start your research online. Most reputable airlines would have ample baggage information on their website. However, if you don’t find what you need, you can always give them a call.

Save The Receipt, Keep the Manual, Ditch the Box

In general, even if you are not traveling, it is smart to keep the receipts for the high-value items that you purchase. If you are traveling with your metal detector, airport agents might ask for proof of ownership. In this case, a receipt comes handy. Also, not everyone knows what a metal detector is and what it looks like. It is smart to keep the manual with you so it will be easy to explain the purpose of the metal detector.

If your metal detector is relatively new, take it out of the box. For one, the box wouldn’t be enough to keep it protected during a long flight. Moreover, because it is in its original package, you might have to pay customs fees.

While Packing

Invest in Bubble wraps

A metal detector is not cheap. As a hobbyist, it is probably one of your most prized possession. It only makes sense to keep it safe when you are traveling. Pack the detector in the middle of your luggage and pad it with bubble wraps. This way, no matter how bumpy the ride is, the metal detector remains intact.

Consider Hard Cases

If you are planning to travel a lot with your metal detector, you should consider buying a hard case or carry bag. There are several places where you can purchase hard cases. If you don’t want to spend much money, some forums suggest using a snowboard case for your equipment.

Do Not Try to Pack Your Detector In Your Carry On

It is very tempting to pack your metal detector in your carry on especially if it is the kind that can be disassembled. Nevertheless, some detectors do not fit in the overhead hatch. Air travel with a metal detector almost always requires a check-in.

Always Remove the Batteries

Metal detectors should be packed without their batteries. If you don’t, it can turn on and cause problems. You do not want to have traveled thousands of miles only to realize that your metal detector got broken along the way.

During Your Stay

Check Local Guidelines on Metal Detecting

Before going on a site, make sure that bringing a metal detector is allowed. For one, you don’t want to disrespect the laws of the land. Moreover, you do not want to get in trouble with the authorities in another country.

Get in Touch with the Local Metal Detecting Community

No matter how much research you do, no one knows an area better than locals do. Get in touch with the local metal detecting community. Ask them for tips on where to go and how to go about your metal detecting.

Do Not Advertise The Purpose of Your Trip

Like mentioned earlier, metal detectors are not cheap. They are of value and can easily be sold. It might not be the safest to tell a lot of people about your plans and what you have in your luggage.

Always Bring Spare Batteries With You

It can be very annoying to be in the midst of treasure hunting and having it cut short because your batteries are running low. While on foot, make sure you pack extra batteries. This way you can almost double the time when using your metal detector.

After Your Trip

Take Note of All the Parts

After your excursion, take note of all the parts of your metal detector. You can make a list of the parts and tick them off while you pack. This way, you will not forget anything and you do not have to buy anything when you get back.

Clean Your Metal Detector Carefully

Metal Detectors are meant to be used outdoors. No matter where you use it in, it will get dirty. Before packing for home, make sure to clean your metal detector. Clean it with hot water to remove all the debris that might be stuck in the crevices.

Metal detecting in a new environment is a great way to get the most out of your hobby. You will probably discover many new things not only about the area but also about yourself and your pastime. Taking note of the steps above will ensure that there will be no stress or any hassles on your next metal detecting adventure.

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