Choosing The Best Metal Detector For Coins

Metal detecting is a fun hobby that anyone can indulge in. In addition to being a great way to pass time, metal detector enthusiasts get the opportunity to travel into time by locating old items. Most of these items are valuable while others make great collectibles.

The best part about metal detecting is the fact that you can do it anywhere. Whether it is at the beach or at an abandoned property, you are likely to find something worth taking home.

How to Get Started with Metal Detecting

The most important thing in metal detecting is the metal detector. A metal detector is the electronic device used to point out metal object buried underground. The metal detector consists of a handle with a sensor probe located at the bottom. The probe hovers over the ground and beeps when it detects metal hidden underground. Metal detectors can either be basic or complex depending on the design. Soldiers are known to use complex metal detectors to search for weapons such as mines which are buried underground.

For hobbyists, less complex metal detectors will still do the trick.

The first thing you need to do to get started on metal detecting is decide the amount of money you are willing and able to spend on a metal detector and other tools involved. Secondly, you’ll need to decide where you’ll be hunting as different detectors are designed for different locations. For instance, the metal detector used at the beach might differ from that used to hunt for jewelry and coins at an old field.

You will also need a digging tool which you’ll use to unearth items after you locate them with the metal detector. The tool you choose will also depend on the location you decide to go hunting. A small shovel will come in handy when hunting at the beach. You’ll need a stronger digging tool if you’ll be hunting around hard grounds.

Metal detecting will often be a messy task and you’ll need something that protects your clothes and body from dirt and debris. This is where an apron comes in handy. A carpenter’s nail apron will cost you as little as $3 and will be perfect for carrying your findings.

You’ll also need some gloves which will make it easy for you to dig for buried items. If you’ll be hunting in a crowded area, then you are likely to have difficulty hearing the sound produced by the metal detector. Some good headphones will be perfect for these kinds of conditions as you’ll have an easier time hunting while uninterrupted by surrounding noises.

Before you get started with hunting, make sure you are not trespassing. In some cases, you’ll need to ask for permission for local authorities or property owners. Researching on an area before you start hunting will also give you an idea of what to expect when you hunt. If you approach a property owner and ask for permission to hunt around their property, make sure you get it in writing. This will not only protect you from lawsuits but will prevent the owner from claiming any of the items you find.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Metal Detector For Coins

There is a variety of metal detectors available on the market and each one is designed to suit the needs of different people. Before you invest in any of the products you come across, make sure you do some research and find out as much as you can about the metal detector and its features.

How often will you be using it? – This is an important factor to consider when searching for metal detectors. If you intend to hunt every chance you get, then it’d be wise to find a product that is both lightweight and durable. Quality metal detectors might cost you more to buy but you’ll have a better experience using them than cheaper alternatives.

What will you be Hunting for? — There are many things you can hunt using a metal detector. Some of these devices are designed to switch functions and hunt for multiple objects. If you’ll be hunting for coins, then you’ll need to find a metal detector that is specifically designed for this purpose.

How Many people will be using the metal detector? — If the whole family will be using the metal detector, then it’s important to consider size and weight of the device. Some metal detectors can be adjusted to different lengths, making it easy for the entire family to engage in the hobby.

Pricing — Prices vary as you move from one product to the next. High end products will cost you more but will come with better features that make it easy for you to use them. If you are testing the waters and are not sure about the product to buy, then you might want to consider buying cheaper metal detectors to help you understand how the whole thing works.

Operating Frequency — This refers to the number of times a metal detector transmits signals per second. Detectors with lower frequencies are great for penetrating the ground and scanning for objects hidden deeper in the ground. Higher frequency detectors are sensitive for detecting gold and other small objects. However, higher frequency detectors won’t be able to penetrate deep into the ground.

Search Depth — Lower frequency detectors are perfect for coin hunting since they are able to scan deep into the ground. You are likely to find coins hidden 8 to 14 inches below the ground and you’ll need a device that can scan this deep when hunting.

Knowing what to look for when choosing the best metal detector for coins will help you make an informed decision. For an easier time comparing different products, make sure you check out online stores. The internet is a great place to search for metal detectors as you get the chance to read reviews and find out what other people feel about various brands before investing your money.

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