Choosing The Best Metal Detector Pinpointer

If you are the kind of person that enjoys treasure hunting of collecting antiquities it is important for you to realize that you must have the right equipment for the job. Picking the right metal detector together with an exceptional pinpointer can be key to achieving tremendous success. Here is what to look for when choosing the best metal detector pinpointer.

Think about your budget

Before you go out shopping for the ideal pinpointer you need to have a rough idea of the amount of money you can comfortably raise. The last thing you want is to go shopping only to find out that you are short of a few dollars. Once you know the exact amount of money you can spend on this product use it to narrow down the search for something appropriate. Keep in mind that there are quite a number of products with different designs offered at varying rates.

Think of weight and size

The weight of a pinpointer can help you make up your mind because you want something that is light enough for you to move around with. A heavy pinpointer is likely to add the the overall weight of the items you carry along during your adventures. It is equally important for you to go for a product that is not extremely large in size because it may present challenges during storage. Some pinpointers are designed in such a way that they can fold up into a compact size for storage.

The length of the pinpointer

Looking for coins, metallic objects or any other items can be a precise art which is why you need to pick something that has the perfect length. Remember that there are times when your detector may alert you about an object but cannot give an accurate location. A pinpointer with the right length allows you to insert it into small halls or sand to find out if the location you have is the most accurate. A short pinpointer may not be able to go through holes meaning that you may have to spend more time digging up the dirt before you find the actual location of the item you are seeking.

Sensitivity settings

Before you pick any product find out if it has sensitivity settings. This is because there are a few products that have standard settings meaning that you are likely to get an alert as long as you are close to a metallic object. However, this type of product makes it necessary for you to spend more time trying to detect the exact location of the metallic object you are looking for. If you pick a pinpointer that has various control levels of sensitivity you are able to adjust its settings in such a way that it will only send an alert when you are within a given radius of the object in question.

Waterproof qualities

A metal detector pinpointer may sometimes have to be immersed in water or wet surfaces to get the accurate location of the item that is being sought. This is why you must pay particular attention to the design to ensure that it is able to withstand prevailing conditions. Talk to your seller or read through product descriptions to get a better picture of the types of surfaces that your pinpointer can be used in. A pinpointer that is easily damaged when it comes into contact with adverse elements should be shunned because it will limit your ability to scout for the items you desire.

Flashlight integration

There are times when you may have to go hunting for the items you want during the night or in dark caves and this may require that you have some kind of artificial illumination. Carrying a flashlight on one hand while using a metal detector with the other hand can prove to be quite tedious which is why you are advised to opt for pinpointers that feature flashlights. This will make it easier for you to look for metallic items while seamlessly illuminating your path.

Alert features

The best pinpointer is one that gives off a loud sound as you move closer to the item that you are looking for. The pinpointer should also give out visual alerts in the form of light. This may be a green light or any other color of light as specified by the manufacturer.

Prefer latest models

While a pinpointer may have been popular two years ago the truth is that it may not be able to give results that are comparable to one that is manufactured within the past two months. Metal detection is a technology that is dynamic meaning that the latest tools and equipment are better placed to offer desirable results when compared to old ones.

How to find the best pinpointer

Having learned about what to look for when choosing the best metal detector pinpointer you should also get to know about some of the ways to ensure you pick the right product.

Buy by brand – there are hundreds of pinpointers that are produced by a variety of manufacturers. However, only a few are able to live up to expectations which is why you should opt for products that are manufactured by some of the most reputable companies.

Consider pricing – there are hundreds of products in the market that are either counterfeit or low grade which is why you should be keen on the rate at which each product is offered. Those that are extremely cheap without a reasonable explanation should be shunned. Go for pinpointers that are sold at an average market price.

Listen to experts – if you are not sure about what to buy it is wise to read through product descriptions or professional reviews that outline the features of each product in the market alongside the benefits that they are likely to have. There are certain websites that give details of the best models and why they are better than all the other products that are in the market.

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